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Phantom Breaker is a fighting video game developed by 5pb., Delta Factory and R.U.N, and published by 5pb. in 2011 for Xbox 360. An Arcade version of the game running on Sega's RingEdge 2 Arcade Board, titled Phantom Breaker: Another Code, was released in 2013.


Phantom Breaker is a 2D fighting game that supports two distinctive fighting styles, the player is able to choose between Quick style and Hard style. Quick style focuses on quick hits and combos while the other is more about defense.

When the player reaches Overdrive mode, their character might get an extra increase in speed or defense. Every attack the player releases can cancel out their enemy's attack and raise their tension gauge; timing it right will maximize the player's gauge to boost their attack power.


Our story unfolds in Japan's capital city, Tokyo...

A mysterious man named Phantom works from the shadows to lure powerful fighters driven by strong desires into perpetual battle against one another. In order to make their wishes come true, these "Duelists" must wield their weapons known as F.A.s (Fu-mension Artifacts) and defeat their opponents. As their intense clashes shake the fabric of space-time itself, questions abound.

What do the Duelists desire?

What is Phantom scheming to achieve through this?

And who will be the last one standing to make their wish come true?


  • Mikoto Nishina (仁科 美琴, Nishina Mikoto): The main protagonist. A 19-year-old college violinist. Her weapon is a large, two-handed sword named Maestro.
  • Mei Orisaka (折坂 芽衣, Orisaka Mei): A 14-year-old idol. Her weapon is a magical wand called Candy.
  • Yuzuha Fujibayashi (藤林 柚葉, Fujibayashi Yuzuha): A high school girl, who is also a ninja-in-training from the Bakufu era. Her weapons are Shoukaku and Zuikaku — a ninja blade and a kunai.
  • Waka Kumon (九紋 稚, Kumon Waka): A descendant of the miko (a family of exorcists that have had some dealings with Phantom in the past). She fights with Kahoutou, her naginata, to stop the duels.
  • Ren Tatewaki (帯刀 蓮, Tatewaki Ren): One of the few males in this contest. He is fighting to cure his little sister of an incurable disease. He fights with a gauntlet named Koutarou.
  • M (影霧, Eimu): She has no memories and fights only to satisfy her lust for battles. Her weapon of choice is a mace made of scrap materials, named Humongous.
  • Itsuki Kōno (神埜 唯月, Kōno Itsuki): She does not know much of the world and has a gentle personality but a strong sense of justice. She beats opponents over the head with her battle hammer, Maggie.
  • Ria Tōjō (東條 莉亜, Tōjō Ria): She finds out that one of the other combatants in Phantom Breaker killed her mother, and she is on a quest for revenge. She fights with two blades called Aldina.
  • Tokiya Kanzaki (神崎 刻夜, Kanzaki Tokiya): The other male main character in this game. He is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and he is fighting in order to resurrect his parents, who were assassinated fifteen years ago. He uses a long sword named Setsuna.
  • Cocoa (心愛, Kokoa): She got bored with the real world and modified her body into an idealized version, based on a video game she liked. Her occupation is cosplaying. She fights with a giant claw called Kusenia’s Claw.
  • Fin (フィン, Fin): A 9-year-old time traveler from the future who is part of the organization “Schrodinger”"Schrodinger". She is accompanied by a droid named Mauchuu. Her weapons are all-purpose laser guns named JJ Apple.
  • Infinity (インフィニティ, Infiniti): He is not one of the main characters but the bodyguard to the mysterious Phantom. He fights using telekinesis.

Guest Characters[]

  • Rimi Sakihata (咲畑 梨深, Sakihata Rimi): Guest character from Chaos;Head. She is a Gigalomaniac who can turn her delusions into reality. She wields a DI-sword.
  • Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖, Makise Kurisu): Guest character from Steins;Gate. She is a genius who graduated early from an American university and helps out in a circle that develops strange inventions. She uses these strange inventions in gameplay.


Phantom Breaker was initially slated to be launched in April 2011, but was delayed and released in June 2011. The game was announced for a North American release on the first quarter of 2012 by 7Sixty (a subsidiary of SouthPeak Games) but the release has since been cancelled for unknown reasons.

Phantom Breaker: Another Code[]

An arcade version of the game running on the RingEdge 2 board titled Phantom Breaker: Another Code (ファントムブレイカー アナザーコード, Fantomu Bureikā: Anazā Codo) was released on April 4, 2013. Version 1.1 was released on June 2013. This version adds Infinity, the game’s final boss, as a playable character, rebalanced gameplay, and a new opening movie.

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